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  2. Please feel free to download our catalog.We are happy to share with friend all over the world.
  3. Please feel free to download our catalog and consult.

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  4. RFQ
    • Q:Could I have some information about your scope of business?
    A:All kinds of doctor blades, cutting blades, inking blades, blade holds etc.Our products have been sold in a number of areas abroad.They are very popular with the users there.  
    • Q:May I have a look at your catalogue?
    A:Please feel free to download.  
    • Q:How is your products quality?
    A:We have a very strict quality controlling system which promises that goods we produced are always of the best quality.  
    • Q:What’s minimum quantity of an order of your goods?

    A:We accept sample order with small quantity.

    • Q:What is the earliest time when you can make delivery?

    A:Most of our product we have in stock.We can solve your urgent need.  
    • How about your price?
    A:We guarantee to give you the most favorable price under the premise of high quality.