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Cutting edge angle of paper cutter blade

Cutting edge angle of paper cutter blade:

(1) The material of the cutter blade

The single-chip paper cutter blade is made of high-temperature inlaid welding of the blade and the blade body. The blade material is high-speed steel and the blade body material is low carbon steel. The hardness of the cutting edge of the paper cutter blade determines the durability. The high-quality paper cutter blade has a hardness of HRC58~60 after heat treatment.


(2) The grinding angle of the paper cutter blade

The single-sided paper cutter blade is a single-edged blade, and the blade grinding angle is ∠19°~23°. The grinding edge of this shape makes the bevel surface of the blade bear the pressure of the corner of the paper during cutting, and the blade edge is quickly worn.

The double-sided blade has good wear resistance, and the grinding edge can reduce the load of the paper cutter and improve the accuracy of paper cutting. When the material of the paper cutter blade is good, considering the cutting resistance of the paper, the angle of the grinding edge should be less than ∠19°~23°.


(3) The grinding quality of the paper cutter blade

When grinding the blade, the higher the grinding finish, the lower the cutting resistance, the longer the service life of the paper cutter blade and the better the cutting quality.