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Paper Machine Doctor Blade
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Introduce Of Paper Cutting Blade Top&Bottom Knife

Paper Machine Paper Cutting Blade Introduce:

The paper cutting blade performance of a mechanical blade depends on the quality of the blade edge.The quality of the blade edge depends on the blade edge process equipment and reasonable die technology. It is recommended to use the vertical shaft grinder for the grinding equipment. The Angle of the blade is easy to be controlled.White corundum (code name WA) is selected for grinding wheel, which is not easy to generate heat.At the same time, the cooling liquid must be continuously poured on the contact surface between the cutting edge and the grinding wheel during the cutting edge grinding.Use one metal emulsion.The whole cutting edge grinding process is divided into coarse grinding fine grinding and finishing.Coarse and fine grinding is carried out on a knife sharpening machine.Finishing needs to be done by hand with a knife sharpener.

The finishing steps are:

  • When the blade has been sharpened, let the knife grinder to reciprocate several strokes, the number of strokes depends on the length of the blade.
  • Remove the blade from the sharpening machine and use the whetstone for manual repair to obtain excellent sharp edges.
  • Use the same method to move the whetstone, slightly tilt the Angle, not more than 1 degree is appropriate, modify the knife edge.Wedge Angle is also called cutting edge Angle, it is the main Angle that directly affects the cutting performance, the size of the Angle depends on the cutting object.

Paper cutting machine is a necessary equipment for printing enterprises, and it is widely used in printing and publishing industry, paper industry, packaging industry, decoration and other industries, and is widely used.Its most basic function and application is to cut.The final cutting element is the blade.On the one hand, the quality of the blade and whether the use is reasonable directly affect the cutting quality, on the other hand, the unreasonable edge grinding Angle and use will seriously damage the precision and life of the paper cutter.So using a well-maintained blade is a key step in the application and maintenance of the paper cutter.

The material and composition of the paper cutting blade:

The paper cutting blade is made of the blade and the body after high temperature welding.The blade part is usually HSS (high Speed Steel) or CrWMn with high hardness, also hard alloy.The cutter body is usually made of low carbon steel.After quenching, the hardness of blade can reach 60~64HRC.