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Matters needing attention when using ink scraper

Matters needing attention when using ink scraper:

  1. The distance between the ink scraper and the printing plate

The reduction of the distance between the doctor blade and the printing plate is beneficial to increase the ink transfer rate, but it is easy to produce dirty plates; on the contrary, it will reduce the ink transfer rate.

  1. The flatness of the ink scraper

The flatness and warpage of the ink squeegee mainly depend on the installation method. Of course, it may also be related to the sticking of foreign matter in the knife holder groove or on the blade or lining.

When the flatness of the ink squeegee is poor, some bead-like marks will appear on the edge of the printing surface, or some intermittent line marks will appear from time to time. Some people think that the ink is rough

  1. Movement of the ink scraper

When line marks appear in printing, one is causing plate damage, and the other is that the ink scraper is not sharp. However, another reason is that foreign matter is stuck behind the blade. The solution is to move the squeegee up and down to get rid of the sticky material. If it cannot be shaken off, you can only stop the machine and wipe the squeegee.